Wrapping up Bare Metal Server Testing

This week, we worked through some additional testing of our new server hardware before boxing it up for shipment. Testing took more time than we wanted, but it’s also really important that we make sure things are working before shipping it out since we won’t have physical access to this machine for the next 5+ years. With that said, the hardware should be set up in a little less than a week (depending on how long it takes their technicians to plug in a few wires).

We’ll be publishing our third Discord Stage event tomorrow on our website. During this event, we talked through how to make an internet radio station including basic radio concepts and history, trends over time, and the ingredients needed to get started. You can check out past Discord stage events on our website here: Shows | Gensokyo Radio.

We’re continuing to work through Android app development, and we’ll look at updating the station’s rotation from our recent batch of 800+ new songs once the new hardware is online. Until then, thanks for listening!

[Knowledge #26]