What does the Touhou Project mean to you?

I have been trying to understand why out of all the possible bullet-hell shump games did I choose this one and why have I stayed. What keep me going and what drives the fandom and Cosplays. To my knowledge, there aren’t many bullet-hell style games that have had an uncountable amount fangames, and entire Radio dedicated to covers, and have Cosplays for them too.

So after thinking about it for a long time, I have concluded the reason why I have stayed and chose this series is because of the story ZUN puts into each release, the music that accompanies each level and is a reward for making that far in the game. I don’t know what strives the people to create fangames or the Jams, from an outsider view this would just be another Japanese game that these people have decided to go crazy for.

So please, tell me what the Touhou Project means to you and what you think makes it stand out

Kinda disappointed that an entire day has passed and not one response… :slightly_frowning_face:

it means a lot to me, each character theme has its own personality and it keeps me alive, honestly

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Touhou means a lot to me, especially for the love that has been put to the characters

Touhou means good music to me. Hence why i listen to the radio, :D. And also, ZUN’s artwork.

Touhou is like one of my addiction when it comes to their music, either it’s fanmade or the original. When i was told about touhou by my friend, i was not too interested about it. But when he shows me the music and a ton of many arrangements from fans, i start to grow interest in it.

To me at least, the Touhou Project means Music, first and foremost. Secondly, it means passion. Think of all the awesome games, all the different music pieces, all the variations. Thirdly, it means community. Touhou might be a niche thing, but it truly reaches globally. Regardless of where you live, regardless of language or nation. Touhou is a thing of belonging.

It’s like a “dream place”. Ignoring the fact of the difficulty. The music, the landscapes and the magic in general is just perfect. Also, i love the japanese style that Th have.