User Guide to Indigo

User Guide to Indigo

This guide is a wiki post, meaning users can add, edit, and update content for the benefit of the community.

What is Indigo by Gensokyo Radio?

Indigo is a membership program by Gensokyo Radio which comes with a set of functional and cosmetic benefits.

Please note: Gensokyo Radio will always be available to listeners for free. Indigo is an elective membership program and will never be required to listen to our radio station.

Details (Click to Expand)

Indigo is offered as a monthly subscription service with the following benefits:

  • Access to Gensokyo Radio’s lossless streaming endpoint
  • Increased number of concurrent connections
  • Role, color, and badge on Discord (partnered community server)

Additionally, a second tier is available called “Indigo+” which provides a cosmetic upgrade in the form of a different role, color, and badge given on Discord. There is no additional functionality given with this tier.

A version of the role, color, and badge assignments found on Discord will make their way to the Gensokyo Radio forums at a later date.

Getting Started

In order to access Gensokyo Radio’s lossless stream, you’ll need to have an active subscription as well as a PIN which can be setup on the account page. This PIN will be used to authenticate while using supported third-party media players.

View plans & sign up for Indigo here: Gensokyo Radio Indigo | Gensokyo Radio

How Listener Authentication Works

When connecting to our lossless stream via a third-party application, you may be asked for a username and password. These will be the following:

:arrow_forward: Username: [Your username]
:arrow_forward: Password: [Your PIN number]

Setup/Update PIN: Change PIN for Indigo | Gensokyo Radio

Please note: For applications which do not display an authentication window, it may be possible to enter credentials in-line with the URL. The format for this is:

https://user:[email protected]/indigo/

You can learn more about this type of authentication here:
HTTP authentication - HTTP | MDN

Supported Third-Party Media Player Applications

Below is a list of known working applications which accept basic authentication. Currently, using a third-party application is the only way to connect to the lossless stream; first-party systems are still being developed or updated.

Applications which open a login window are marked with a :window: symbol, and applications which require credentials be appended to the URL have been marked with a :bookmark: symbol.

Applications (Click to Expand)
  • :window: VLC
  • :bookmark: Foobar
  • :window: Media Player Classic
  • (Add more by editing this wiki!)
Web Browsers (Click to Expand)
  • :window: Chrome
  • :window: Firefox
  • :window: Edge
  • (Add more by editing this wiki!)

:information_source: Some applications may ask for credentials twice. Applications like VLC have displayed a window twice on the first login, then once most times after. This behavior appears to be application-dependent.

Review Payment Information

You can review or update your payment information for your Indigo subscription by navigating to your account portal: Account | Gensokyo Radio (link on page)

Where to Connect for Lossless Streaming

You can connect to our lossless endpoint by visiting the following URL:

After connecting to this endpoint, you will be prompted for a username and password (PIN) on supported third-party media players. For unsupported media players, the connection will likely fail and may throw a “401 Unauthorized” error.

Getting Roles, Colors, & Badges

Everyone can benefit from some of the new systems in place for Indigo including new cosmetic roles, colors, and badges.

To get a Listener, Indigo, or Indigo+ role (depending on subscription status) on the Gensokyo Radio Discord server, you’ll first need to generate an API key from the Gensokyo Radio account page. This key is a unique alphanumeric string which will be used to associate your Discord ID with a user account.

Once you have a key, on Discord, use the /register command with the bot named “MikoBot” and enter the key. This command can be used in any channel and will not be posted publicly (as long as the command is typed correctly). If for any reason you believe your API key has been leaked publicly, you can generate another key which will automatically disable the previous key.

Listeners (Free) (Click to Expand)

Listeners can get the “Listener” role with a new color and badge for free. To receive this role, a user must:

  1. Have a account
  2. Retrieve an alphanumeric key from their account page
  3. Register the key with MikoBot on our Discord server

After using the /register command on Discord, the system will check for your subscription status. Assuming you aren’t subscribed to Indigo, the system will give you the Listener role with a new name color and badge.

Indigo & Indigo+ (Subscribers) (Click to Expand)

Indigo and Indigo+ subscribers can get their respective roles with an active subscription. To receive this role, a user must:

  1. Have a account
  2. Subscribe to either tier of Indigo
  3. Register an alphanumeric key from their account page
  4. Register the key with MikoBot on our Discord server

After using the /register command on Discord, the system will check for your subscription status and assign the appropriate role, color, and badge based on your selected subscription.

If a user already has a key registered with MikoBot, the system will instead check for an associated Discord ID upon activation of a new subscription.

Additional Resources

Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be relayed either as a response to this post, or to the Gensokyo Radio staff team via Discord or email.