Trying to find song that was just ooayed

Not sure if this is the best place to ask. I know the history page exists but it didn’t help. A remix of candid friend just played but I don’t know which one. It said Golden City Factory but when you go to the song, you can only go to the album page which lists the 4 songs with the exact same title and no way to preview them or anything. When I heard the song, I couldn’t see who the arranger was. I found two of them, neither of which were the right one, but I couldn’t tell who made them. What’s worse is there’s no way to copy text, specifically for the one name in kanji, and the album site doesn’t help as it’s not really great:

  1. I don’t know how it got candle friend from candid friend
  2. It just says Secret instead of the kanji, and names in kanji are weird. You can have kanji that have completely unexpected pronunciations in names.

That’s a pretty confusing album for sure! However, there’s one detail that does tell you which track was played: the artist field.


Of the four tracks this album has, this was the track with Guri as the artist / arranger, and that is track #2.

Hope this helps!