Touhouette Cirno/Marisa Shirt Preorders Shipped, General Sale Open Shortly

This week, shipment of pre-orders has been completed, and our two latest T-shirts, the Chill Cirno and Magic Marisa shirts, will go on sale September 13th, 2021 at 4pm Eastern US (8pm UTC). As we’ve mentioned before, stock is very limited, so if you missed out during the pre-order sale, this is your opportunity to nab ‘em. These designs are perfect for this time of year when we’re hanging on to Summer and cooling off with Cirno while also jumping into the Autumn season with Marisa (who is most definitely just a regular magician and not masquerading as one). Find them at Store | Gensokyo Radio.

New music continues to be folded into the running rotation, and as with all new music, submitting song ratings is a great way to let us know what you think. For those unaware, we don’t add 100% of all music we have to the station. Historically, quality was part of our equation when determining what plays in the rotation, but space restrictions on the server governed our ability to add music even moreso. Since the upgrade of our source server (and an increase in song capacity), we’ve been more permissive in terms of what is added to the rotation which is why you may have noticed quite a few songs with zero ratings from albums we’ve played before. Song ratings provide us with feedback and let us know what listeners like or don’t like, and your feedback is much appreciated!

Finally, our latest Discord Stage event titled “How to Prevent Burnout (and what keeps us interested)” will become available within the day. If you missed out on that or any of our past shows, you can catch up via our website at Circles | Gensokyo Radio.

Thanks for your feedback, and thanks for listening!

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