Touhou 18 and GR Live #101 Now Available as a Podcast

This week, Touhou 18: “Unconnected Marketeers” was announced for a demo release during Reitaisai this March, with the full game to be released sometime in May. Both of these mean we’re likely to see (and hear) some new compositions and an explosion in new fan arrangements from the usual suspects, so stay tuned for more info (and music)!

The latest episode of Gensokyo Radio Live (#101) is now available on our website and mobile app! In this episode, we spoke with Phantasma from the team behind the in-development mobile game “Touhou Lost Word” who handled our litany of questions quite well! We learned a lot about the game, the process, and the special music projects they’ll be continuously working on and releasing new videos for over the coming months.

Finally, Gensokyo Radio is turning 10 years old this month! You can expect more information about our celebration throughout March. We’ll be putting together a compilation video to mark the occasion, so stay tuned for more news during this busy month!

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