Store Shipping, Booth Prep, & Subreddit

This week, we uncovered an issue with store shipping, ordered some new audio equipment, opened up our subreddit to the public, and continued to work through existing publishing work. For more details, read on.

Earlier this weekend, we uncovered an unreported issue with our store that effectively prevented visitors from purchasing albums. This was a high priority issue which prompted an immediate fix, and within an hour the system was working as expected. If you had issues checking out due to an error related to “no suitable shipping options” being available, please try again and let us know if any issues persist.

For those curious, we recently updated our shipping address, and the system did not like that we had a Zip Code + 4 instead of a plain Zip Code.

As a general reminder, we have several ways to get in contact with us if an issue should arise with any of our services. Our public Discord server has a feedback forum which anyone can start a thread in, our web forums are open to the public, there’s a dedicated support email for the store, and we have multiple social media accounts through which you can contact us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is an issue. As we saw with this error, knowing is half the battle, and we can’t fix something if we don’t know about it first.

In other news, we’re continuing to prepare for our appearance at TouhouFest this April. At least half of our team is set to travel, and we’ve pushed the go button for a new audio setup which we’ll have on-location. When we’ve made past appearances at Boston and elsewhere, audio equipment has always been provided to us whether it be the speakers someone donated to the Touhou Road Shou for us to use at Boston, a panel setup where we just show up and plug a couple things in, or a DJ table where I get handed a mic and don’t have to do anything.

This time, we’re doing everything ourselves, and that means getting some hardware we just haven’t had up to this point: a good set of speakers. We decided to go with speakers suitable for outdoor use since we’ll be set up outdoors in April, but naturally they’ll be great for other future setups as well. We also needed to grab a way to sufficiently drive the speakers (an amplifier), and we’re looking into getting a proper travel case for our equipment.

There are still other bits we would like to get, but they’re on something of a dream list. These include a dedicated preamp (as it is now, we’re stuck doing processing on the main mix which is not ideal), a power conditioner, wireless equipment so that we’re not quite so tied down to our 10’x10’ space, and some additional signage. To fund this, we’re grateful that we’re able to rely on our listener members, enthusiast patrons, store patrons, and others to help make our space the best we can make it for this April and beyond.

In the “others” category is the album publishing work we’ve been getting through. We’re looking to wrap up this coming week and have this project behind us so that we can catch up on work we’re behind with (like Live and Meetup post-editing) and get web app development going as well.

Finally, we opened up our subreddit to the public! You can find it at r/gensokyoradio. Thanks for your support this week, and thanks for listening!

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