Song Previews on GR

Hey there!

So, one of the things we’re working on behind the scenes at GR is the concept of song previews.

If you’ve ever heard a song and wanted to find it again, and maybe you knew the circle or the album it came from but not the exact song, song previews will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Right now, song previews are planned to be 20-second song clips rendered at a lower bitrate to save space and bandwidth on the station server while enabling listeners to hear preview clips. We plan to have previews available for songs (and perhaps some albums) which are not in the regular rotation, so if you’re curious to know what a song we don’t normally play is like, previews are one way to do it.

At the moment, listeners will often find a song on GR and then look it up somewhere else like YouTube to confirm if it’s the song they’re looking for or not. We want to make it easier for listeners to discover music and find more of the material they enjoy through our platform.

This is a rather large project, being that there are over 10,000 previews to generate, so let us know what you think! Would this make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for? Are you curious to know more about the kind of music we leave out of the regular rotation?

Leave a reply below, and thanks for listening!

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I like it! (As I posted on the discord) how about links to the corssfade demos which time stamps for that specific track.
Ie, track 5 is at 2:45. So the link would jump to 2:45 at the beginning of said track

Putting crossfade tracks together would be a bunch more work on top of what would already need to be done. Individual track previews would skip that step where you’d need to seek to a particular place in the crossfade. I don’t really see the point when we would be offering a more direct and easier way to sample a specific song.