Reitaisai 18 Music Shipment & Musicbox Stable

This week, we received our music order containing some new releases from last month’s Reitaisai! Because of that, we’ll be able to sample a few songs during our next Live show (which will be announced very soon). As per our policy, music that is this new (released March 21st) won’t hit the station’s rotation for several months yet, so the Live shows will be the only place to hear it from us until later in the year.

We also received our April Fools items (for those of you who got one during the 48-hour pre-order sale), and we should be sending those out by the end of this week. Thanks to all who participated in making this meme a reality.

Finally, Musicbox has hit a stable state, which means we’ll be starting to transition some backend systems over the coming weeks. To reiterate, one of the main benefits of the new system is to be able to add to our library much more quickly and frequently, which of course directly impacts our listeners. We’re getting closer! That’s it for this week, stick around for the show announcement, and thanks for listening!

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