Radio not working

I’m using a Moto G32 running Android 13, tried the website on both Brave and Chrome mobile browsers but nothing happens. It says what song is playing, and the pop-up on the bottom of the home page says how much of the song is playing but when I go to the playing page, there’s no audio. Not only that but the page on mobile view is zoomed in heavily with no way to zoom out or move around the page and the only way to get the page look normal-ish is by using the desktop view on mobile.

Hey there :wave: Welcome to the community!

For mobile devices, try visiting This is our in-development web app which should deliver a much more mobile-focused and app-like experience.

The current iteration of the website ( was originally designed for use on desktop systems, and the player becomes unavailable on mobile. It’s overdue for some design updates, but the web app should work better in your case.

With that said, please be aware that some listeners have reported connection issues on certain mobile devices and browsers, mostly iOS and Safari related. I’m actively working on a solution to this and should have something out within the next week or two at the latest.

Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help! :notes: