Project "Musicbox" Progress and UI Fixes

This week, we’ve been working mostly behind the scenes on some music cleanup. This is part of an effort to make adding future music to the station faster, easier, and more frequent which I’m sure most of our listeners will appreciate. This project has been ongoing for a while, and we’re currently about 76% complete. Internally, we’ve been calling this project “Musicbox” since it will function as the central repository for music and metadata serving not just Gensokyo Radio, but a couple of other projects we have yet to release as well.

We also worked on a couple minor UI fixes with the website. The most noticeable fix is the appearance of the background image for podcasts on Firefox which now appears similar to the album pages. The other fix is very minor and adjusts some font on the Music page so that the Albums and Circles subsections appear correctly.

Finally, since you’re in the know, we’d like to tell you about a thing we’re doing later this week. What’s the thing? When will it happen? I’m sure you can figure out the answer to at least one of those questions, but you’ll have to stick around this week to be certain. With that, we’ll see you around, and thanks for listening!

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