Preorder Progress for Touhouette Sakuya and Yukari

This week, we’re keeping a close eye on the progress of preorder sales, plus we implemented a couple fixes to the website. For more details, read on.

Since our server migration in June, we’ve been doing more in-depth testing of the website and fixing issues as they’re uncovered. We recently posted a more detailed report about this via the forums which helps to explain why issues such as login have been more difficult to pin down and fix, but the result is that persistent login should now function as expected sitewide. We also wrote a bit about forum and PWA login and how they differ. You can find the post here: Login Session Persistence.

Now for the preorder report. At this time, we’re halfway through the preorder sale and we’ve sold roughly 30% of our target quantity for the preorder to be considered “successful”. What that means is, in order for us to submit the bulk order for this design to be screen-printed, we need to meet a minimum order quantity for each design independently. As it stands right now, we need to sell about double what we sold this past week. We’ve mentioned it a few times throughout, but it is especially important to tell people you know who may be interested in these shirt designs. If we don’t hit our minimums, we can still get these printed, but we may not be able to screen print them, and margins will be minimized.

The purpose of doing preorder sales like these, aside from helping us bring cool and unique designs into the world, is to function as a fundraiser for the radio station and those who maintain it. Reaching order quantity minimums for bulk orders is just how bulk orders work; it’s not “bulk” if the number is too low. Please reach out to your fellow fans and tell them about these shirts; it is the only time they will be available in full screen-printed quality, and only if we reach our minimums.

Thank you for your support, and thanks for listening!

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