Popup Event: Request Block

This week, we continued our ongoing work of adding new music into the active rotation. Circles involved in this effort have already been listed over the last few updates, so go check out what we’ve been up to recently if you missed out (in previous updates).

We also had our first ever request block take place yesterday afternoon (October 2nd). This 3-hour event involved live control by a DJ (in this case, LunarSpotlight) and allowed for song requests to be added in real-time. For this request block, we accepted requests from songs listed on our website by users in a Discord thread (which has since been archived under the #general channel).

These events are ephemeral, which means that we do not intend to release any recordings afterwards. If you want to take part or listen during our next request block, make sure you stick around Gensokyo Radio’s Discord server, and keep an eye out for scheduled events. These will likely be less scheduled or regular, and more in the style of a “pop-up” event with only a day or two advance notice. This will give our most active listeners and fans a unique opportunity to play music they want on the station. Feedback from participants this time around was mostly positive, and events like these also help us uncover things through stress testing and song tag verification, so thanks to folks for their help and patience on that front.

Finally, while we’re fortunate to have a bunch of new folks around recently through LostWord and other means, we’re entering a bit of a lull in activity. Normally, we would have a Stage event in the first or second week of the month, and a Live show aimed for around the month’s midpoint. Due to personal circumstances, these events will be pushed into the latter half of the month. Announcements for these events will be published after next weekend. We expect the schedule to be back to normal next month, and we thank you for your understanding.

As always, thanks for listening!

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