Policy Review, Holiday Sale, & Musicbox Upgrade

This week, the bulk of our work was related to refining our Community Guidelines, Service Terms, and Privacy Policy. We’re revising our text in order to make what we do at Gensokyo Radio more clear, and to clarify our position related to our station and where it may be played. Not much is actually changing as a result of these revisions, we just want to make certain aspects of our station more clear to visitors. This work is ongoing, and revisions will be posted once this work is completed which will be very soon. We encourage folks to look over these after revisions have been posted.

Making revisions to our policies is a prerequisite condition to continuing development on our Discord music bot. Expect our new bot to become available on this server and to testers later this month.

We wrapped up our holiday sale where we brought mugs back for a limited time and reduced prices on everything else we had in stock. Thanks to all who grabbed some merch!

We’re currently working on an upgrade for Musicbox, our internal library management system, which will result in faster processing time and improved response time during events and Live shows. Listeners may have noticed our most recent Live show used our old system of playing music during the program, and this upgrade was part of the reason why. We will return to using the new system (which includes live song updates during Live shows) for our next event.

That’s about it for this week, come back next week to see where we’re at with development, and make sure you’ve enabled notifications for when we post event announcements and schedule events on our Discord server. Till next time, thanks for listening!

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