.pls file is not working

I just downloaded a .pls file directly from the station because it allows for higher quality sound than the Shoutcast file (I’m using Winamp 5.8 by the way) but it seems to not be working.

All it’s doing is connecting for the past 10 minutes. Is this a glitch with my media player?

Hey there, sorry you’re having trouble listening with Winamp.

I’ve done some testing, and the .pls file / stream url works with Foobar, VLC, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, TuneIn, and the 2.x version of the GR app (in-development).

I’m not sure why it doesn’t work with Winamp, but it may have something to do with it not liking the proxy address. I was able to get it working in Winamp by using the direct IP/port, but that’s not something folks should be using publicly.

At this point, the easiest option is to use something other than Winamp since everything else I’ve been able to test on (without installing new software) is working fine. I may look into changing some things up architecturally to improve compatibility, but that’s another backend project that no one else cares about, so it’ll happen whenever.