Phase 2 Complete: New Server Hardware Deployed

This week, setup of our new server was completed and put into production use! This means we’re now in Phase 2 which will likely remain the case for some time to come. If you haven’t bothered to catch up on what Phase 2 means, it effectively means we now have a dedicated system for creating our “source audio”, or the sound that listeners hear when they tune in.

You may hear us refer to this system as our “scheduler” or as the “source” box since it is responsible for managing the primary content of our radio station. This enables us to add much more music, upgrade the quality of our source music, upgrade the quality of the source audio which our stream server receives (and ultimately sends to our listeners after being transcoded), and use a solution which makes the content of our station sound more similar to a terrestrial radio station.

Beyond this point, we’re continuing to work on an update to our Android application through updating the media player source code and making a few UX improvements along the way. On a related note, Google threw us a curveball this week and informed us of a potential issue with the placement of our one ad banner in the app (it can overlap UI elements on smaller screens), so those may become disabled ahead of publishing 2.x.

Our new shirts continue to be shipped out, and we hope to have stock available on our website by the end of this coming week.

Finally, the recording of our most recent Live show (#107) will become available later today. You’ll be able to find it on our website as well as all major podcast platforms, so go check it out if you missed it.

Thanks everyone for tuning in to this week’s updates, and thanks for listening!

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