One Year of Knowledge Posts (Discord) & Live #113

This week one year ago, we published our first “Knowledge” update via Discord! As we’ve hopefully been able to make abundantly clear over the past year, there is always something happening at Gensokyo Radio. Whether it’s something highly visible and affects everyone who uses our service, something which supports our processes behind the scenes, or something in between, we’ve been able to share our progress with fans and listeners through regular weekly posts. Early on, this effort also helped us to get folks on our partnered Discord server more engaged and involved, and we truly appreciate the continued interest from each and every one of our server members. Thank you!

In more recent news, we’ve added or updated music from the following circles this week:

Takamachi Walk
Amateras Records
Diverse System
Avenue Room
Blue Green Music

Yesterday, we broadcast our 113th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live, “Gravity”. Among the regular fare of music and game-related news, we talked a bit about the results of last month’s Top 100 Touhou Songs of 2021 list and how some notable songs and groups placed. We were able to preview some of the newer music mentioned above as well, so if you missed out, you’ll be able to check it out about a week from now wherever you listen to podcasts (just search for Gensokyo Radio).

One of the larger items we mentioned in yesterday’s news is related to a project we’ve had ongoing quietly in the background for the past month or so. Recently, there’s been an increase in listeners asking about the original song that arrangements are derived from. Up to this point, we haven’t had this information cataloged, with the prospect of figuring out the original song for every fan arrangement daunting indeed. While nothing has been published yet, we’re getting close to a working system which should be able to make this information available next to already existing album and song information.

Finally, we’re very close to finalizing work with a provider to backfill sold-out items in our store, like some of the T-shirts that folks have been waiting on for months. I’ve already gone over the reasons why and some of the things we’re willing to compromise on, but the goal is to make items available that are comparable in comfort and print quality. We hope to be able to make some cool merch available to folks while enabling our community to support the ongoing development and maintenance costs associated with running a growing radio station. Thank you for your patience up to this point, it shouldn’t be too much longer.

As always, thanks for your interest and support this week, and thanks for listening!

[Knowledge #53]