Not connected to station error?

I keep getting a not connected to station message when I try yo give a song some stars. Not sure why it’s doing that lately. Also the login loads forever and I usually have to refresh the page have the login go through as well as the song name not showing up until after I refresh. Not sure if it’s been doing that for just me or others. Just letting you guys know.

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Hey there!

Over the last 6 months or do, this type of issue has become more common. Right now, our leading theory is that these listeners are connecting with an ipv6 address, and this has become progressively more common, especially with mobile connections. In your case, it sounds like two things are happening, both potentially related to the IP address format.

If you don’t have an ipv6 address, do let us know, but here is some information which you may find helpful.

First, when a listener connects to the station, the station is able to see what IP address has connected. We are able to use this information to match a listener up with attempting to rate a song such that only active listeners are able to submit ratings. In the case of an ipv6 address, the station is unable to log these addresses and instead lists them as listening from localhost ( These listeners will not be able to rate songs, nor will they show up in any country lists or in the “Countries and Listeners” segment of Live shows.

Second, the website is also currently set up only for ipv4 addresses, and this follows from how the station functions. I haven’t heard of anyone else complaining about long login times yet, but my theory is that the site is attempting to log an ipv6 address in a field designed for ipv4 addresses, erroring out, and you get an endless loading screen as a result.

The web-side issue is fixable, but the station-side issue is not (easily, anyway). Shoutcast’s software simply doesn’t support ipv6 addresses, and even if they issued an updated version that does, we’re stuck on our current version since AAC streams on newer versions of their software are locked behind a subscription wall. Because of this, we’ll probably be looking into alternatives, but this is not a quick fix. Over the last 10 years, we’ve built up a handful of custom integrations between the station and web systems, so finding an alternative and converting our existing integrations to work with it will take time. This is a high priority item which we’ll likely work on after the new station systems are in place, so hopefully we’ll see some changes happen in the next few months.

Hope this helps.

It does, thanks for the knowledge.

Just letting you guys know, the problem is happening again, at least on my end, still not connecting to the station. my current “fix” is to copy the song text go to youtube and favorite the video there. I know you guys were working on it during the original post but have you made any updates on any of your projects? I used to be a big Touhou radio fan and they had a pretty good system for favorites, likes, suggestions, recently played, and the occasional Touhou fan artwork in the background. Do you guys plan on emulating what Touhou radio did back in the day? Food for thought.

The station received a substantial update in summer 2021 with a more advanced scheduling system, a completely new software stack, and additional hardware to handle increased traffic and growth. As a result of all of this, the station has been able to accommodate listeners with ipv6 addresses. So far in 2022, 36% of all ratings received have come from listeners with ipv6 addresses.

Gensokyo Radio has existing systems for song ratings (likes), favorites, and history (recently played). A previous version of our website also had a section for recommended songs, so we could bring something like that back. As far as the aesthetic of the website goes, our player page has a pending update to make it look more like how it appeared in our most recent Top 100 video.

As far as keeping up with what we’re working on, I recommend reading our weekly updates. As of this post, these can be found on our Discord server, but we’ll be migrating these to the site for general consumption in the not too distant future.

One outstanding issue that might be relevant if you’re using an Android mobile device is that our app uses a deprecated endpoint, and listeners are not currently able to rate songs through the app. This will be addressed with the next app build.

If you’re still having trouble connecting to the station, there’s probably something more specific going on with your connection, device, etc. If you’re on mobile, try connecting to the website with a computer. Otherwise, I’d be happy to take a look, just PM or email me sometime.

I double-checked and I am using ipv6, ethernet connected to my gaming computer with Microsoft edge, windows 10, and I wouldn’t be surprised that the 36% of ratings came from me, knowing how much I enjoy Touhou music. I actually couldn’t find your discord link on the website (or youtube page) but I’m am now pending on discord according to Mikobot, so I’ll check there every so often. It’s not a life-threatening issue but it just stinks I can’t rate the music as of right now. I’ll sit tight though.

The most recent update that came out on Sunday mentioned this, but the issue should be resolved now. It was related to some of the mitigation we ended up doing related to the DDoS from a couple weeks back.

And no, you’re not the only person using ipv6. You might be underestimating the amount of traffic we get just a little.

Sadly, now i cannot play GR through aimp

We’ve noticed that some players such as Winamp simply aren’t able to play the stream for some reason.
The Android app originally had issues as well, likely related to an internal buffer. Our temporary solution was to use an alternate endpoint, but this means rating songs via mobile is currently disabled.

Winamp simply doesn’t connect, possibly linked to the authentication sequence that occurs during connection. It seems that Winamp stops trying to connect somewhere in the middle of the process. Aimp might be having a similar issue.

One item on my list is to try the newest Icecast build on a dev server (a new beta version was published about 5 days ago), though there’s no guarantee this’ll fix that issue. I’ll also be switching broadcast servers to see if/how Cloudflare is affecting things. This work will probably be pushed out to April as I am booked with dev work through March.

In the meantime, my recommendation is to use a different program to tune in.

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I got it, the address of the stream changed - no longer opens.

Out of curiosity, where did you get that information for the stream? We updated all of our endpoints to use the “stream” subdomain over three years ago, and direct use of the IP was retired last summer.

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From my local playlist