New Station Rotation, Discord Escalation Ladder, & HTTPS Streaming

This week, we completed the assembly of the station’s new rotation, a process which spanned about 2 and a half weeks. This process ended up adding at least 50% more music to the rotation in addition to bringing back songs which had previously been set aside due to space constraints. Before the rotation becomes active, we’ll be moving to a new software setup and updating existing integrations in the process. If all goes well, this should be completed within the next week.

Our most recent episode of Gensokyo Radio Live is now available on all the usual podcast platforms. Among other things, DMJ and Lunar chilled and talked about games and things coming soon to the station. You can listen now at Gensokyo Radio.

On Discord, we recently updated our escalation ladder. The escalation tool is meant to formally address and discourage poor behavior by tracking instances via a bot (Hourai). Moving forward, escalations are structured in this way:

First escalation: Formal warning (remains on record indefinitely)
Second escalation: Server kick (removed from record after 90 days)
Third escalation: Server 3-day ban (removed from record after 180 days)
Fourth escalation: Server ban (remains on record indefinitely or until removed by a mod)

Finally, there have been some questions regarding the station’s move to exclusively HTTPS streaming. In general, we made this move to address a few things:

  1. Industry trends: Services are increasingly moving to HTTPS, and some such as TuneIn no longer allow non-HTTPS streams to be listed on their platform.
  2. Load management via proxy: Many of our services now use Cloudflare to some extent. This helps address some of the load issues we were seeing prior to migration.
  3. Browser compatibility: While not presently true for every browser, some browsers such as Chrome issue warnings about mixed security content when HTTP content is served on an HTTPS page. After migration, all resources on our website are served via HTTPS.

That’s all for this week. Come back next week to see how far along we are with the station upgrade, and thanks for listening!

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