Musicbox Pushed to Production, Reference Conversion, & Content Updates

This week, our long-awaited Musicbox update was pushed into production! This is largely a foundational update which has some immediate benefits and changes. These include:

  • Fixed issues that several albums had previously with duplicate or missing track numbers
  • Reconciled duplicate albums and songs as well as associated ratings and favorites
  • Updated references to circles, albums, artists, and songs to be in-line with MB
  • Updated over 210,000 references to rated or favorited songs and albums
  • Added disc numbers to all albums
  • Added years to all albums
  • Added catalog codes to applicable albums
  • Added more album art to albums
  • Added more albums to the information library

With the implementation of Musicbox, a few changes also occurred on the website, including:

  • Updated references to old album IDs on website; results in a permanent redirect to new IDs
  • Updated album pages with disc numbers as well as sections for separate discs
  • Updated circles’ album lists to display the year and catalog code of albums (in cases where albums have more than one catalog code, the first catalog code is displayed)

Finally, there were also some content-related updates which you may want to be aware of, including:

  • Split the circle “Cytokine” between that and “Zytokine” where applicable
  • Updated the circle “NOAH” to the correct name, “ExisTruth”
  • Removed the circle “YUMEOIBITO” and its album “Xanadu” (non-Touhou content)
  • Updated several circles’ display names and track names to be in-line with how these names are printed by the circles themselves (in limited cases, this is actually different than what some wiki pages suggest)

That’s a lot for one week! Come back next week to learn more about what we’re up to behind the scenes at Gensokyo Radio. Thanks for listening!

[Knowledge #14]