Music Backlog & Discord Stage Event #3

This week, we got through the remaining bulk of our music backlog. This process has been happening over the last few weeks and has involved handling many boxes worth of physical CDs. We’ll begin pushing music through GR’s musicbox process this week which means we’ll see more music hit the station very soon, and from circles we’ve never been able to feature until now.

Yesterday, we had our third Discord Stage event. It was also our final featured event showcasing Stages, and we had a lot of fun playing around with different formats and ideas. We’ll continue to use the format to engage with listeners in a unique way, but we may hold off on making future events public until we can cull some of the chaos that comes with inviting everyone on the internet to listen in. A special thanks goes out to our mod team for helping to keep things squeaky clean over the last few months.

T-Shirt pre-orders wrapped up last week, and our bulk order has been submitted. We expect to receive the bulk order in a couple weeks, after which we’ll be sending stuff out to those who ordered merch. After that’s completed, we’ll open the Chill Cirno and Magic Marisa stock up on the website for anyone else who missed out on the pre-order. That said, we only have single-digit inventory numbers for all sizes, so if you want one, make sure you’re paying attention to either our #announcements channel or via Twitter (@GensokyoRadio).

Finally, we’re aiming to have Phase 2 completed by this coming weekend, which means we’re moving out our new equipment to its final destination during this week. The move will result in higher stream stability and lays the foundation for increasing the quantity and quality of the media we play. This also means part of the station will be running on a backup system for the next several days while we get things set up on-site.

That’s all for this week. We’ll see where we’re at with Phase 2 by the next update, so stay tuned, and thanks for listening!

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