Moving Along Since Re-launch

It’s been almost a few weeks since GSR5 launched, so it’s probably time for some sort of status update! Actually, quite a few things have happened since the re-launch.

First, for those of you interested in numbers, you might have noticed that we haven’t posted any stats for February. With the database having been reorganized, the tools we had to look up certain numbers don’t work anymore, so we would need to write some new stuff to put numbers out again. It’ll happen in time. I do have some more website-related statistics though. We’ve gotten more than 100 new members on since re-launch. Also, the number of pageviews on the site has gone up 250%. The bounce rate (rate of people visiting the site and then leaving right away) has been halved as well.

So, what have we done since launch? Well…

When the site first went up, we didn’t have live information running, but that was one of the first things we restored, within the first day that GSR5 was up.
Song history works as you’d expect it to on the sidebar.
We’ve added album links to song history and the currently playing song so you can view additional information on songs from the same album.
There is an indicator next to each song when viewing album information which lets you know if a song is in the station’s current playlist. When this first became available, it was only about 66% accurate, but internal file paths have been fixed where indicators should be correct 100% of the time.
Commenting became available again for news articles so you can once again give us feedback about current events and add to fellow listeners’ comments.
Various admin-related tools were written to add stability and functionality to things like listener and song logging, file path accuracy, and album editing.

There’s still quite a few things we need to get back on the site, the biggest one probably being the new Rating and Comments module. Once listeners are able to rate songs again, the song recommendations section on the Music page will become more useful and recommendations might change over time, even if you don’t rate any additional songs yourself.


One other thing that we use song ratings for is to determine the top songs for each month which we like to play during Gensokyo Radio Live. Speaking of which, the next show, Gensokyo Radio Live #7, is scheduled for Friday, March 29th, 2013 @ 7pm Eastern US time. Keep in mind that DST has happened since our last show, so this is the same as 11pm GMT, not midnight as it has been for past shows.

Finally, I thought it’d be cool to mention that the person who has done voiceovers and has been a big supporter for Gensokyo Radio, Sean Chiplock, has been making headway in his quest for anime (and other voice acting) stardom, so grats to him!

We’ll be in the Steam chat room during the next Gensokyo Radio live show where we’ll be looking forward to feedback from our listeners, as well as continuing with SaiTouhou, the Touhou character popularity tournament that Joey started during the last show.

Thanks for listening! ~

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joey1000th | Posted on March 29th, 2013, 11:29:45 PM
Yay comments are working again!