Lunar Tech Tips Water Bottle & GR 10-Year Anniversary Pins

This week, we had some fun doing a short-duration preorder of the Lunar Tech Tips water bottle for April 1st. Thanks to all who pre-ordered, we’ll get those out to folks within the next couple weeks.

Speaking of store stuff, we also received our 10-year anniversary pins and are getting those ready for shipping to those who pre-ordered them. Check out the website for photos, they turned out quite nicely! Remember, these pins are 100% die-cast metal which hopefully explains the price a bit.

The Musicbox project we mentioned last week continues to be developed. After this first run, we found that about 3.7% of music was not ingested, and we’ll be working through that before doing another run (should be quicker the second time). Again, this system is meant to serve as the core for referencing music, metadata, and providing a foundation for other projects such as storelinks and spectrum.

We’ll be announcing our next Live show date within the week, so stay tuned, and thanks for listening!

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