Lunar Guest Appearance on Touhou LostWord's Dev Letter #3

This week, our listeners learned what we meant when we suggested to tune in to LostWord’s Dev Letter #3 as GR’s station manager, LunarSpotlight, made an appearance as their first guest! If you missed out, you can view the VOD here: Touhou LostWord - Dev Letter #3 (9/22/2021) - YouTube

As a result, our Discord server saw a notable influx of server joins and membership. After the dust settled, 45% of those who joined converted to members, while the other 55% have been removed as a result of not submitting an app or failing it (if you know someone who didn’t get in, maybe poke them to try again). Altogether, we saw an 11% increase in server members (mostly from Touhou LostWord’s server), so thank you to all who joined, and please help us provide a warm welcome to all the new faces! We’re excited to tell more folks about the talented artists and groups that work hard to provide all of us with awesome fan-made music!

Last weekend, we broadcast our most recent Live show (#108), and the recording of it is now available in podcast form on our website (and shortly on all other major podcast platforms). You can check it out here: Gensokyo Radio

We’re continuing to gradually add in new music to the rotation, so look forward to music from new circles such as Sekkenya, Silly Walker, Sonic Hybrid Orchestra, Souten no Yuki, Tones, UI-70, and others. We’ve already added some of the more well-known circles like Mohican Sandbag, Carrot Wine, 5150, and Komeiji Records. Listeners have submitted over 800 ratings in just the past week, so make sure to rate new songs as they play to let us know what you think!

Finally, if you’re new to our station, our website is a great resource for finding music that we play as well as info on where to find the music and support the artists. To this end, we added a much needed search function this week to help listeners and new fans with browsing music. Also, don’t forget to check out our past shows like Gensokyo Radio Live and our Discord Stage events here: Circles | Gensokyo Radio. And if you’re looking for more music suggestions, discuss with your fellow listeners right here on Discord, or maybe check out our past “Top 100 Touhou Songs of (the year)” via our YouTube channel here:

Thanks to everyone for joining us this week, a special thanks to our mod team for handling the burst of applications from LostWord’s viewers, and thanks for listening!

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