Live #136, Game Jam #12, & Streaming Solution Research

Welcome to the 150th Knowledge post! This week, we broadcast the 136th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live, plus we spent some time testing a new system for streaming audio. For more details, read on!

Live #136 saw a rare appearance from staff members NanoSatellite and Xara, with DMJ654 out for the evening. Aside from featuring more new music released during last year’s Comiket and Kouroumu events, we also took some time to talk about the most recent Touhou Fan Game Jam. It featured over 50 entries that incorporate the event’s theme of “Bird Games,” and the community is welcome to try them out and vote on their favorites in the categories of gameplay, concept, visuals, audio/music, story/writing, challenge, and use of theme. You can find the entries at Touhou Fan Game Jam 12 - Bird -; do take care when trying out fan games (play at your own risk).

Additionally this week, we spent some time looking at alternatives to the software we currently use to drive the station, or what we’ve previously referred to as the “scheduler.” Over two years ago, we began using a new system which is capable of producing transitions between songs that are driven by cues and relative loudness levels. The system also enables us to schedule preview blocks, interstitials, and other custom tracks in real-time to push our station’s programming closer to what one might find on a terrestrial radio station (AM/FM).

However, as we pull back from colocation as a hardware strategy, we’re considering alternative solutions while striving for similar production quality and improving the broader system’s overall reliability. We’ve found a solution that uses most of the backend systems that we’re already using which would make it relatively seamless to migrate to. Much of our time this week was used to conduct internal testing of this new system to evaluate how well it would fit as a replacement for our current scheduler.

That’s all for this week! We’ve got a few extras on the horizon such as the Top 100 list, so stay tuned and thanks for listening!

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