Library Filtering, Endpoint Deprecation, & Mail Server Update

This week, we’ve been working through setting up our new station software. Part of the process involves sorting through the many thousands of songs the station has in order to weed out things such as
Tracks that aren’t songs (talking tracks, noise tracks, etc.)
Very short and very long tracks (intro tracks, megamixes, etc.)
Other tracks that sit on or near an extreme (this is a vague description of what we actually do, but saying much more would be telling)

This process is something that we’ve done for other track lists present and past, but with this new system, we’re able to designate songs without creating duplicate files. It does require several hours of sorting work though, and hopefully this process will be wrapped up by next weekend.

Our previous stream endpoint has officially been deprecated. We began playing a regular notice on that endpoint for anyone who is still listening to it to let them know where to find the current endpoint. This is particularly relevant for any older third-party apps that might still be using a very old playlist file. The old endpoint will be taken offline within the next couple months.

We re-migrated our mail server this week, and we’re pleased to say it is once again in a working state. Over the last 24 hours, we re-sent registration emails to folks who registered on our website during the outage. Anyone who had attempted to recover their account via password recovery can try again; previous recovery emails will not be re-sent.

After confirming some things, the recording of the Discord Stage event we held last weekend, “10 Years of Gensokyo Radio: What’s Next?”, will be made publicly available later this week in podcast form. If you missed out, you’ll be able to find past events on our website in the future.

Finally, our next Gensokyo Radio Live show will be this upcoming Saturday, June 19th, 2021. The official announcement for this broadcast is forthcoming, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now, we’ll keep working on sorting through music for the station this week, and we hope you’ll keep listening!

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