Insight Gathered from Critics Wanted Meetup Event

This week, we put together a list of things our community members told us they want to see improved, changed, added, and altogether worked on over the coming weeks. This list comes from the folks who joined us during our 7th GR Meetup event (via Discord Stages) titled “Critics Wanted.”

  • Produce additional shows & content
  • Make more existing material available (Stage 5, earlier Live shows)
  • Station event schedule (automated blocks + DJ-driven blocks)
  • Android app v2.0 (removing the ShoutCast dependency)
  • More store items (beanies, shot glasses, posters)
  • Restock the store more frequently
  • Bring back news and reviews to the website
  • Persistent website login
  • Better player scaling
  • Open forum for public viewing
  • iOS app / Web app as a stopgap solution
  • Discord bot
  • Improve process management for forthcoming content
  • Make the relationship with “ThreeBySeven” more clear for new visitors

For more details about anything in this list, you can listen to the recording of this event in podcast form on our website: Gensokyo Radio

We were expecting more folks to really lay it on thick and tell us how they really felt, but the event became more of a Q&A event where we could talk with the community about how things work, why things are the way they are, and from that line of thought, examine ways in which we can improve the service we provide. Regardless, thanks to everyone who participated, your feedback is much appreciated!

We also added a minor feature to the shows listed on our website which will cause social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc to automatically embed a short page preview for podcast episodes. You can see this tacked on at the end of this post (on Discord).

We’ve recently put in an order for a significant amount of music which contains a mix of newer and older music. This will be an ongoing project for the next month or two (depending on how long shipping takes with the global situation the way it is) which will aim to bring an even greater amount of variety to the station, and will help to set the stage for 2022.

Finally, there are fewer than two weeks remaining to rate songs for the Top 100 list of 2021, so get those ratings in while you can! We’ve looked ahead at what the results could be, and it’s a genuinely interesting list this time around, but the year’s not out yet.

From all of us at Gensokyo Radio, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and as always, thank you for listening!

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