How many songs does the radio have?

Hello how many touhou related songs does the radio have? Because I’m aware that there are more than a 100k touhou related songs in existence

Hey there! :wave: Welcome to the community.

We purchase all of the music we play on the station, so we definitely don’t have anywhere near 100k songs available to play from. When adding to our existing library, we try to look for a combination of new albums from existing circles, works from new and lesser-known circles, and older works that we don’t yet have in order to fill in the gaps over time. There’s a lot of good music out there that’s out-of-print as well, so it’s a constant exercise for us to look out for new and old works alike.

Additionally, we sometimes will get music donations or trade music with listeners (always in physical format, never digital), and sometimes artists will directly send us their albums as well (both physical and digital formats).

At the time of writing, the station’s active rotation has probably over 5,000 songs (with songs swapping in and out of the rotation regularly), and the available library to play from is over 10,000. We don’t have an exact number because we still have a backlog of physical albums to add into the system from last year’s M3 as well as previous batches and staff libraries.

On occasion, you’ll see us list some of the upcoming additions in our weekly Knowledge posts in the News category. We hope you’ll be able to find something familiar and something new on our station!

Thank you! I would definitely check it out.