Has anyone got Gensokyo Radio working in ETS2?

Has anyone got Gensokyo Radio working in ETS2? I cant seem to get it to work at all.

Hey there! Welcome to the forum :wave:

I don’t play ETS2 personally, but I looked into some of their documentation to see if I can lend a hand. It looks like they accept both mp3 and aac streams. At present, we provide mp3, ogg, and flac streams. We have two mp3 streams available, one at 128kbps and one at 256kbps.

Typically, a listener would be able to connect to our 128kbps endpoint by navigating to https://stream.gensokyoradio.net/1 (or /3 for the 256kbps stream). Try connecting to this first.

If that doesn’t work, it’s possible that ETS2 isn’t handling redirects when connecting to audio streams. Our station has distributed regional servers, and this connection usually happens without the listener having to do anything. If ETS2 isn’t handling this, you can bypass the redirect by connecting directly to a regional server by using the regional subdomain. So, for a listener in Europe, this might look like “https://eu1.stream.gensokyoradio.net/1”.

Please keep in mind that we generally discourage listeners from directly connecting to regions since we may occasionally redirect traffic to other regions or servers for maintenance and such. If one region becomes unavailable, it’s possible other regions are still available.

Sidenote: we do have planned internal maintenance coming up this weekend (Dec 2-4, 2022), so you might run into this if you try it out this weekend.

You can find out what region you’re being directed to by connecting to the stream in a web browser (https://stream.gensokyoradio.net/1), then look for the regional subdomain at the front of the URL.

Let me know if you have any other questions either here or via our Discord server, hope this helps!