Guest Ideas for GR Live

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that we enjoy having guests on our shows every now and then to mix things up and add a new set of topics to the conversation.

Our guests are usually related to our core categories of “Games, Music, Touhou”. We’ve had music artists like cYsmix (Independent / Kusemono Records), Babbe (Babbe Music / Frozen Starfall), and DJ Koishi (Komeiji Records);

music DJs and hosts like Epikuro (Kawaii Bass) and Overcoat (Touhou Tuesday);

game developers like Jon Shafer (Civilization V, At the Gates), Dean Herbert (osu!), Mystery Parfait (Danmaku!!), and Hourai Teahouse (Fantasy Crescendo);

and a few others like SevenColorsAlice (cosplayer & artist) and FreezeEx (digital artist).

We’ve got a short list of our own that we’ll keep to ourselves for now, but we also want to know who YOU want to see as a guest on one of our Live shows. Let us know below, and we’ll take your feedback into consideration when planning for our shows this year and beyond. Thanks!