GR8 and GR Live #101 with Phantasma from NextNinja

This week, we gave our listeners an early look at our brand new player which will be coming as part of our website’s next design iteration, “GR8”! In case you missed it, a preview of the new player is available right now at Now Playing | Gensokyo Radio (it’s especially pretty when full-screened, give it a try)!

We also had a very special Live show, “Gensokyo Radio Live #101” where we invited a member of the team behind the in-development mobile game, “Touhou Lost Word!” Phantasma from the Discord community team was able to join us for some in-depth conversation about the game’s journey, and talked more about their related music projects (which naturally we’re really interested in). And if you weren’t around during Saturday for the show, the recording of it will be made available as a podcast on our website and mobile app this upcoming weekend.

We’ll be continuing to develop GR8 and keep you posted right here, so stay tuned for more news about that and our upcoming 10-year anniversary broadcast in the coming weeks!

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