GR Live #112 Now Available & Pending Music

This week, the video sequence for the “Top 100 Touhou Songs of 2021” was recorded and edited. I’ve just got a few final touches to add before scheduling it as a video premiere on Gensokyo Radio’s YouTube channel, likely available mid-week sometime. If you’d like to catch the premiere, subscribing is a good way of keeping tabs on that as well as other videos we have planned for later this year. Find it at

Our most recent episode of GR Live is now available as a podcast on our website and the major podcast platforms. You can tune in to Live #112 to get caught up on the latest games to hit Steam, the latest music to reach our studio, and a summarized version of our latest Meetup event where we recapped 2021 and looked ahead to what’s in store for 2022. We’re throwing a lot at the wall this year to see what sticks and what flops, so if you see something totally different and new from us later this year, we probably mentioned it during this Live or the aforementioned Meetup.

Finally, literal boxloads of music are in pending, so expect new music to flow into the station over the coming weeks and months. That’s all for now, stick around for more music, and thanks for listening!

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