GR Live #111 & Discord Stage / Meetup Event #7: "Critics Wanted"

This week, we continued to refine our updated community guidelines as well as some processes ahead of rebuilding our first-party radio bot. An important aspect of writing these things is finding a balance between explaining something well enough to cover the most important cases while not being overly verbose so that no one reads what we’re written. This actually turns out to be quite challenging which is why we’re a bit over schedule on this piece. At this point, we should have the community guidelines ready to go at the very least, with an addendum to our privacy policy following shortly after.

With this update, we’re also making it easier for folks to communicate with us any potential concerns they may have at various levels. This divides a potential range of inquiries between, say, an artist who wants to talk to us about getting their material on or off our station, or a member of our community who wants to ask a question to our staff team directly. This slight modification is aimed at addressing a potential gap in the communication channels made available to our users and visitors.

We had Live #111 broadcast just last evening. This was the final Live show of 2021, and we filled it to the brim with music and game news. Typically, we also cover a sort of annual summary for the station, but we simply did not have enough time. Instead, we talked about the upcoming Comic Market #99 and artists who have made their participation known, and we also had a lot of fun looking through games from Touhou Game Jam #7. There were 34 games submitted, and voting is still available for another day or so (from the time of this post), so try them out and vote for your favorites in various categories.

Finally, we’ve got another event happening in less than an hour (again, from the time of this post), so come join us in #gensokyo-stage where we want YOU to tell us how you really feel in our next Discord Meetup event “Critics Wanted”. Hope to see you there, and thanks for listening!

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