GR Live #108: "Overload"

This week, we broadcast our 108th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live titled “Overload: More Music Than Ever Before”. This episode featured 100% new music including the background music during our talking segments. We also invited Flat Bartender, one of Three By Seven’s supporters, back to our show as a guest.

As the title of our Live show might suggest, we’re currently inundated with new music to catalog, ingest, and filter through to the live rotation. While the first two steps in that process are relatively instant these days thanks to Musicbox (our internal ingest system), the process of adding music to the live rotation is intentionally gradual. We look forward to bringing you even more music over the next several weeks, and we look forward to feedback from listeners via the station’s rating system.

Finally, if you’ve been following the mobile game Touhou LostWord, the folks over there have been doing dev letters on YouTube talking about what’s new and on the horizon for their game. Even if you don’t follow them too closely, I’ve been informed that you should tune in to their next dev letter livestream happening sometime this week via their YouTube channel ( #NotSponsored

As always, Live #108 will be available to our supporters this weekend, and to everyone else next weekend. Thanks for your support, and thanks for listening!

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