GR Live #107 & New Touhouette Shirts Available (Cirno and Marisa)

This week, we completed testing our server and shipped it out to its final destination! We’re awaiting a hookup from a datacenter technician, but once that’s done, the primary component of “Phase 2” will be complete. As previously mentioned, this move enables us to play from a larger rotation of music, carry a larger library of music, and improve the quality of our broadcast. All of this requires more space, bandwidth, and processing power, and these are all things the new server provides.

Yesterday, we broadcast the 107th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live. Lunar, DMJ654, and Xara were the hosts for this one, and we were in the unique position to play 100% music that had never appeared on the station before. This was a result of the effort to ingest new music that took place over the past month, with information on over 900 new songs from over 30 new circles now available on our website.

Finally, our new T-shirts are in! If you pre-ordered a shirt or two of the Chill Cirno and/or Magic Marisa shirts, we’ll be shipping those out to folks this week. Regular stock will likely become available about a week afterwards to ensure the pre-orders have been taken care of. If you’re looking to nab one or both of them, pay attention to our Discord server’s #announcements channel or our Twitter feed @GensokyoRadio (and possibly other social channels) where we’ll let folks know when our extra stock goes on sale.

We’ll be shifting our focus to other things including mobile app development and some backend improvements. That’s all for this one, stick around for more news and updates, and thanks for listening!

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