GR Live #106 & 2nd Set of "Touhouette" Shirts

This week, we had our 106th Live show where we talked about Cave’s new involvement with the Touhou series (as a licensed fan-game maker) as well as other game news, game hardware news (a la Steam Deck), and of course some new music. If you missed out, the show will become available in podcast format about a week from today, so stay tuned.

One thing that’s available right now in podcast format is our most recent Discord Stage event. This happened a couple weekends back, but the recording was published within the last week, and it features questions for and from the staff as well as from our audience during the event titled “Meet the Gensokyo Radio Staff”. That’s currently available exclusively through our website and mobile app.

Station-side, we took care of an issue stemming from our core updates. Users of our mobile app may have experienced difficulty listening to the station, and this was due to a technical incompatibility between Icecast and Android’s native “MediaPlayer” class which is responsible for serving audio through the app. We implemented a temporary fix by creating a Shoutcast-based endpoint specifically for mobile users. In time, the mobile app’s primary media serving class will be replaced, but this will involve major work that will take time to fully implement and roll out to the Google Play store.

Finally, one product of our core updates is that we were able to set up a webhook system for reporting station song history. You can now find this in the #music-history channel. The majority of songs are reported in this channel (as well as at History | Gensokyo Radio and our app’s history page), so if you’re ever wondering what played on the station recently, these are all potential places you can check for that info.

One more thing, we now have our second batch of “Touhouette” T-shirts available for pre-order! These shirts feature Cirno and Marisa on our brightest-colored shirts yet. We’re also offering 10% off pre-orders with both shirts, please check them out at Store | Gensokyo Radio.

That’s enough for this week. Come back next week when we’ll surely have more to report. Till then, thanks for listening!

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