GR Live #103 Podcast Available, LTT Bottles, & Transcoder Experiments

This week, we shipped out all of the LTT bottles from our April 1st pre-order and began shipping out our 10-year anniversary pins (which we still have in stock!) Since each pin is individually numbered and the volume of orders (not just pins) was higher than expected, we’re continuing to work through the backlog to get everything out to people as we’re able to.

The most recent episode of GR Live is now available on our website (Gensokyo Radio Live | Gensokyo Radio) where we talked about Touhou music’s digital renaissance in terms of its introduction over recent years to an increasingly digital audience, the latest platform being Spotify at the end of this month. DMJ and Lunar approached the issue from a couple different angles, making for an interesting discussion about the viability of the platform in terms of profitability versus the benefits in terms of an expanded audience. Whichever view you might take, it’s certainly an interesting time for Touhou music.

Finally, we’re continuing to work on Musicbox and transition to a new DB system, plus we’re experimenting with some new transcoder options. Vague? Yes, but it’s also pretty exciting from a management perspective, so we’ll see what happens! That’s all for this one, stay tuned next week for more news and updates, and thanks for listening!

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