GR Discord Bot Publicly Available & GR Live #110

This week, we shipped Gensokyo Radio’s official Discord music bot out for public use! As we’ve mentioned, the GR Discord bot functions similarly to our radio station; you can listen to the station (/play & /stop), find out what’s playing (/info), rate songs (/rate [1-5]), and register your GR account to enable song rating (/register [key]).

There are two ways to invite this bot to your server: visit Gensokyo Radio Discord Bot | Gensokyo Radio for full information and an invite button, or if it’s already on a server you’re on, right-click the bot and there’s an invite button there as well. Our bot is already on about 40 servers, so thanks to our testers and early adopters for jumpstarting our bot’s use! We’re excited to see where this takes us.

We also had the 110th episode of Gensokyo Radio Live yesterday. This one ended up being a relatively chill episode with the first instance of Lunar and Xara running a show together. During the show, we mentioned that the Touhou Game Jam group will be running their 7th event this coming week, from November 25th to the 28th. You can find more information about how to join (or vote afterwards) on their event page: Touhou Fan Game Jam 7 -

We’ll be working on adding some additional music to the station later this week. Outside of that, we expect it may be a bit slower than usual due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Stay tuned for more music, and thanks for listening!

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