Forums Restored (August 2020)

Hey there! The forums are back :tada:

Earlier this year, on the evening of May 22nd, we started up the regular update process for the forums as we do once or twice every month. It usually happens quietly and without any issues. However, the last update caused a condition which prevented the forum software from starting up again, and it remained down for some time.

On August 2nd, we started a server maintenance process which involved upgrading a bunch of things which make the station and other systems tick (we’ve been intentionally vague about what exactly some of those things are). Overall, the goals of this maintenance cycle have been to improve performance and modularity, and to restore previously lost or diminished functionality such as this forum board. 10 days after initial maintenance and working through the technical challenges of setting up the board in a new and different environment, the forums are back and restored to the way it was back in May.

So that’s it then. Just an update on what’s been going on with the technical side of things. There are still a few minor things to take care of, but as of now, most of the work has already been done. Do let us know if you’re experiencing any unforeseen issues, and we hope you continue to enjoy the service we’ve worked hard to provide!