First Discord Stage Event & Migration of Station and Website

This week, we held our first Discord Stage event! Our event titled “10 Years of Gensoyko Radio: What’s Next?” walked through the 10-year history of our station by reviewing various aspects of its operation throughout time, ways we’ve interacted with the community, and talked through some of the items on our future list. It was interesting comparing some of the items that were on our future list in 2015 compared to where we are today (things like “a mobile app” and “music CD publishing” are a couple things we had accomplished since then). It was fun exploring what Discord Stages have to offer in terms of interacting with listeners, and we’ll be looking at ways to utilize this feature for future events.

We also completed the migration of our website and station systems. With this migration, we converted our endpoints to use https 100% of the time. This was something we began offering with GR7 in 2017, and with this latest (server) update during GR8, HTTP endpoints are no longer used. Why? Browsers such as Chrome have incrementally phased out insecure media resources, and the rest of the web is trending in this direction. In most cases, listeners won’t need to change their playlist files to keep listening, but there are cases where websites and third-party apps we’re listed on may have out-of-date endpoints. We’ve already notified TuneIn, but let us know if there are other places you’re used to listening to GR that haven’t changed their endpoints within the last few years. Our website and mobile app were already using HTTPS to stream, so these were not affected.

Lastly, our mail server is still facing some challenges with mail delivery. We’re working through available options, though it’s looking more like we may need to migrate mail independently to a different provider altogether.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns with any of the above, and we’ll do our best to address them. As always, thanks for listening!

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