Discord Stage Event #4 & Continuous Addition of New Music

This week, we sent out the majority of pre-orders for our shirts. We’ll wrap up shipping this initial batch in the next few days, and we’re aiming to open up general stock later this week. We will post ahead of time exactly when general stock will open up, so stay tuned to our #announcements channel and social media channels (Twitter/FB).

We also held our fourth Discord Stage event yesterday where we talked about strategies on how to prevent burnout, how we’ve stayed interested throughout Gensokyo Radio’s development, and had an informal discussion about the topic in general. If you missed out on that event or any of our other Discord Stage events, you can find them on our website or mobile app via the Shows link or Podcasts tab respectively. Remember, recordings of our shows and events become available about one week after they’re live, or sooner if you’re part of Three by Seven’s campaign.

Finally, new music continues to be added to the live rotation over time. We’ll gradually be phasing new music into the rotation such that our station isn’t instantly bombarded by unfamiliar music. We’re also looking for your feedback as listeners since much of this music has zero ratings (no surprise there). On top of that, we’ve got even more new circles lined up to be added soon including Kuroneko Lounge, Netcavy Records, SOS Sound of Swing, and a handful of others.

Stay tuned for more awesome music, and thanks for listening!

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