Delivery to Russia

I wanted to know about the delivery to Russia. Is it being implemented? I remember you did not deliver “MUSICAL TORII” t-shirt earlier because of some problems.

We shipped it out, but Russian Customs sent it back to us. Each time an item is rejected, we lose out on the cost of shipping. This has happened twice.

Russia also has some strange fees that they charge on imports, such as a flat $20 fee for items brought in. This might have something to do with why our packages are getting rejected, or maybe not. We honestly don’t know why shipping to Russia is such a problem.

As a result, we do not ship to Russian addresses. At this time, any pre-orders / orders received will be refunded within a week. If you or someone else can provide insight as to how to get items successfully in the hands of our fans in Russia, we would be happy to hear from you.