Another One of Those Days

The server, for whatever reason, decided to go unresponsive again tonight, and there’s nothing I can do until the person who has more direct access to the server can do something about it. This time, however, it’s unclear as to when they’ll get around to it since they’re moving this weekend. sigh

I hate to say it, but I can’t control every aspect of the streaming server or its behavior. Ultimately, we’re working with software that’s still in development (supposedly), Shoutcast 2.0, and issues are bound to happen on occasion. Of course, I wish this happened a little less often.

So, why do we even use Shoutcast 2.0? The answer is pretty simple: v2 makes more information available on a technical level, such as listeners, song info, song history, etc., as well as making available some new features like external DJ hosting and playlist scheduling, among other things. It’s these things that make it so that we’re able to display live song info on the site page, as well as leaving options open for the future. Personally, I think it’d be cool to have a hosted show on the weekends at GensokyoRadio, but we don’t have anything really written in stone yet.

What I’m saying is, we’re definitely working on things. We’re always thinking about progress and how we can move forward with the site and what it provides, as well as having additional content on the stream. This also means looking at ways to more effectively deal with issues that arise. For me, it presents a set of challenges that I would like to overcome, and as a result, provide the things listed above for the site and stream, and continue to make GensokyoRadio a growing community of Touhou music fans.

As always, thanks for listening~