Animated Discord Server Icon/Banner & Brief Service Interruption

This week, we published a few updates to Discord and are in the process of publishing some additional updates for the website. First, our Discord server now has an animated server icon! This is something a few folks have been bugging us about for a while as the server’s been capable of having one for a long time. We also updated our server’s banner with an animated one for when the server is boosted to the “Community” level (looks like we’re one short at the time of writing). That said, as a partnered server, our members already get many enhanced perks even without being server boosted.

Last night, we had a brief service interruption as the result of our source server becoming unavailable. We patched things temporarily by falling back to a backup server while we waited for a technician to “turn it off and back on again.” As of now, things are running normally once again.

As one of the items we discussed during our “Critics Wanted” meetup event, we’re actively looking into a solution for restocking items in our store which have sold out. We mentioned during the event that one of the primary challenges with this issue is capital, or having enough money to be able to convert into bulk inventory. We’re looking at changing that model a bit to hybridize the benefits of bulk ordering with the availability of an on-demand service. This is something we’re actively looking into, and we hope to be able to talk about this more soon.

Development on app v2.0 for Android is continuing this week, and we hope to have an update for you on how that’s progressing next weekend.

Finally, our community guidelines will be updated very soon along with the #rules page in order to unify text as it appears on Discord as well as our website. As previously mentioned, nothing is really changing with this update, we’re just clarifying some things as a precursor to rewriting our Discord bot.

I hope your holidays were jolly, and thanks for listening!

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