Android App Development Update for v2.0, Fixing Icecast Incompatibility

This week, we continued working through mobile app development of our Android app. We originally looked at replacing the internal media player with something known to be compatible with Icecast-based streams, and this week we’ve given a good chunk of time to testing out the app’s new media player.

While it’s likely we’ll be re-integrating a bunch of the app’s existing workflows, we also want to take some extra time to look at improving player flow by better integrating podcast playback into more of a playlist format. We may also investigate the possibility of Android Auto integration, something we’ve talked about previously. The requirements for AA in terms of user experience are much more strict given the environment it’s used in, so we’ll see how far we can get with that (and if we can make something that passes Google’s stringent guidelines for AA).

On the music side, we’ve continued ingesting several more albums from even more new circles. Some of those circles include:

  • Aramitama
  • Azure & Sands
  • Carrotwine
  • Souten no Yuki
    (and others)

Finally, today’s the last day to get pre-orders in for our two new T-shirt designs, the “Chill Cirno” and “Magic Marisa” shirts. These are our brightest shirts to-date, and it looks like we’ll have just enough orders to make production viable. That also means that post-order stock will be very limited, so if you want one of these shirts, now is the time to order.

There’s still more music to ingest, more apps to develop, and “phase two” should be just around the corner, so tune in next week to see what else we’ve got coming to the station soon, and thanks for listening!

[Knowledge #24]