Account and Connection Systems Restored & News Migration

This week, we added more new music to the station’s regular rotation. We’ve also updated several existing albums for improved audio quality as part of an ongoing project. Our new music is from the following circles:

Discord Registers
Masashi Okagaki & Friends

We had several website and station-related updates and fixes this week which are detailed below:

  • Media that can be played losslessly end-to-end is now marked with an icon on relevant album pages. Currently this is displayed per track, but will eventually be marked on a per album basis.
  • User registration and account recovery has been reenabled. This comes after implementing a fix to address a spam account issue from a couple weeks back.
  • Account verification was updated to match the current “GR8” theming. Previously, this page was carried over from GR7 and had not been updated (thanks to one of our new users for pointing this out).
  • Listener logging has been fully restored on endpoint (/1), GR’s default stream, after being disabled during mitigation from a couple weeks ago. This would have caused most listeners to be unable to rate songs, so if you’ve experienced issues with this recently, it should be working once again.

Our most recent episode of Gensokyo Radio Live (#113: Gravity) is now available on our website and wherever podcasts are found. If you missed out last week and aren’t a member of the Enthusiast group, you can now listen to this episode whenever it’s convenient for you.

We also began migrating the website’s existing news and reviews to a new system which will be integrated into the website. Migration to the new system is a manual process that will likely take the majority of the upcoming week to complete. When completed, news articles dating back to 2012 will become available once again, and new articles will be posted alongside Discord’s “Knowledge” updates to be available to the general public. Stay tuned as this short-term project progresses.

Finally, we’re still ironing out some details related to restocking and additional song data, but both of these things should be implemented before the end of March. Thanks for your support this week, and thanks for listening!

:blossom: ~ Reggie the Dachshund

[Knowledge #54]