5th Discord Stage Event & New Music

This week, we had our 5th Discord Stage event where we invited folks to a good ol’ fashioned AMA! We had over an hour’s worth of questions from folks in Discord, and we’ll be making the event available in podcast form by next weekend. Thanks to everyone who participated!

We also ingested and populated the station’s rotation with music from new and existing circles, including:

  • Akatsuki Records
  • DDBY
  • Digital Wing
  • Kachikachi Yama
  • Kanicream * Chococorne
  • Netcavy Records
  • Pizuya’s Cell
  • Rolling Contact
  • Sound of Swing
  • Touhou Jihen

Some music in this latest batch was too new to populate into the rotation, but will become available before the end of this year, so stick around, more music is forthcoming.

That’s all for this week, come back next Saturday for our next GR Live broadcast and more new music. Thanks for listening!

[Knowledge #35]