12th Anniversary, Live #126, & Meetup #22

This week, Gensokyo Radio turned 12! We also prepared for and held another double-event weekend. For more details, read on.

We brought together a bunch of different creators for both our Live show and Meetup events this week. First, we sat down with award-winning cosplayer and Touhou enthusiast MeduKitty and got to chat about their journey, craft, and how they became a cosplay ambassador for the upcoming TouhouFest in April.

The following day, we sat down with a bunch of our community’s creators including Megapig9001, Tsuba, LilyFumos, Good old niko!, Akane, TheGoldenProof, Yumi Sakata, JD of Paradise, and others. They all bring something a little different to the proverbial table as creators of music, artwork, games, videos, and more. There are still others in our community who enjoy making fanworks and various other projects. If you’re interested in getting involved, consider starting a new thread in our #creator-space forum on Discord!

Scheduling can be a difficult beast to tame. Sometimes, in order to make things work, we need to schedule both a Live show and a Meetup event on the same weekend which makes things neat and tidy for folks with tight schedules like our guests and staff, but can be difficult for listeners to dedicate time for. It also means our station activities aren’t as well spaced out over a given month which can negatively impact activity long-term. I would like to thank our community members once again for helping keep our space a safe, inviting, and active place for fans and creators alike.

Finally, Gensokyo Radio passed the 12-year mark this week. Over the years, we’ve celebrated fanworks, met up with the community, gathered for events, supported independent artists, and advocated for more. We’ve held fast to our ideals for more time than most probably realize, being a niche radio station and all, but our listeners and community have helped us bring those ideals to life and continue to do so.

There’s a reason why our Discord server’s been partnered for over 7 years (which now makes up most of the time Gensokyo Radio’s been around). I also want to emphasize that being partnered is just one indicator that our community is a cut above the rest on Discord. However, that alone is not the reason for it. The reason is you. A community is made of individuals, so while you might not feel like you make the difference, in truth, there’s nothing else that makes more of a difference.

We’ve still got lots of room to grow and plenty to learn (plus our new mobile app won’t build itself), so thank you for continuing to be part of our community, and I hope to see you around!

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