Upcoming Upgrades to GR Store

This week, we upgraded our website’s store system! I know, it’s not the most exciting thing, but the upgrades include:

  • Accurate shipping estimates via integration with the USPS’s API (with shipping discounts based on the cart’s total value)
  • An on-site store cart system so that you can gather all your items before heading over to our payment processor’s site (just like the majority of web stores do)
  • Integrated inventory tracking, so it’s less likely we’ll accidentally offer something that’s out of stock
  • An automatic discount system (so that 10% off 2 Touhouette shirts gets applied at checkout instead of being a separate item button; allows for selecting ANY multiple of two shirts from the series, including the same type)

These upgrades are live on our dev server, and will become available with the public launch of GR8 which, if all goes well, should be released within the next week!

Beyond that, we’ll be announcing Live #102, our 10-Year Anniversary Show, sometime this week via our #announcements channel, so stick around for more news coming soon!

[Knowledge #3]