The Postcard Tradition in 2017 and You

Greetings, listeners!

First off, thanks to everyone who submit an entry for our artwork search this year! The staff team discussed the entries, and it was a more difficult decision than it’s been in the past. In the end, the majority of the staff went with an artist from the heartland of the United States. As a bonus, we also reached out to a second artist from Australia for a potential short run of a second design, so congrats to both artists!

Help Wanted

Since 2012, we’ve worked with artists around the globe in putting together a simple postcard design which is featured throughout the year’s promotional efforts. The design isn’t released by GR until the end of the year when we start looking for another artist for the next year. During the year, the only way to get the year’s design is by receiving one from either a staff member or volunteer at a convention or event.

In order to get the word out in this manner, we depend on volunteers to do the groundwork of distributing these postcard-sized handouts. So far, we have a few locations lined up in Boston, Minneapolis, and Tokyo, but we can’t reach other locations without YOUR help. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer in this effort, head over to our Contact Us page.

There is another way to obtain one of these postcards without going to an event, and that’s by supporting the campaign which Lunar, Nano, and DMJ are part of. You can learn more by visiting